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Weekly routines

November 8, 2016

Any teacher will tell you that the work never ends. There is always something to do - researching a fantastic lesson plan, laminating game cards, changing displays, assessment, marking, tidying up, sharpening pencils, chatting with colleague teachers... The job can be incredibly overwhelming. Over the years I have created routines or rules for myself to make life a little easier. I don't take work home any more which means I have to work hard at school to get everything done. I sometimes go in very early in the morning, or I might pop in over the weekend some time, but home time is for me. Now that I leave work at work I am getting so much more done throughout the day as I know I can't take anything home. 

Sunday night is ironing night! My partner laughs at me sometimes but I like having all of our clothes washed, folded, ironed and put away by Sunday evening. That way if life gets very busy during the week at least I know I have all of my work clothes, gym clothes and everything ready for the week. 

I exercise most days. A few years ago I was incredibly unfit and unhealthy. I worked long hours at school and would take work home with me all the time. There was no 'off' switch. I started doing Karate which surprised everyone lol! I am still doing it now and I really enjoy it. I also do a few gym classes each week. I make it a routine that Monday is Karate day or Wednesday is bootcamp day. There is no questioning, no thinking "I should go", I just make myself go. I don't always feel like it and I don't always enjoy it at the time but when I am driving back home I always feel better. 

And lastly, I usually plan what is happening for dinner each night. If my partner is home, he cooks and I clean up, if I am home, I cook and I also clean up haha! We usually discuss it the night before so we know what meat to get out of the freezer, or if we need any groceries from the supermarket. I don't like getting home late and having no clue what to cook and then eating really late as I am usually in bed fairly early.

So... there are a few little things that help me to get through a busy week. If you have any routines that make life easier, comment below!


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