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YES! moments

November 10, 2016

I have a wall in my classroom with a heading "What was your YES! moment today?" My students write down their moments and add them to the wall. My goal is to have at least one YES! moment from each student by the end of the year. 

So - what is a YES! moment? It is one of those times when a student achieves something and feels good about it. We started calling them 'fist pump' moments but then I heard some of my students saying to themselves "I just had a YES! moment" so that is where the name has come from! It might be something as simple as spelling a word correctly, finishing all set tasks before the end of the lesson, having that a-ha when things finally make sense. 

It doesn't matter how you do it, but I feel it is so important to celebrate student successes - no matter how big or small. I often give my students a goal for them. Even students as young as 6 I will tell them what they need to work on and that is their goal to achieve. When they achieve it, that is their YES! moment!


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