Recharging and refocussing

January 17, 2017


We have had a lovely few weeks of summer holidays. I am now starting to think about getting organised for the new school year. I often work the week straight after Christmas (at home on my laptop) as I am still in work mode and have thoughts about planning for the new year. Then I feel as though I can relax in the new year. The weather has been lovely too and I have enjoyed having some time away from schedules and timetables! 

Now is the time to start getting ready again. I have typed up some of my planning but I don't want to go into too much detail until the school year starts again. Being overly organised is often a waste of time as things do tend to change once the students are back at school. I am also starting to get into more of a routine at home, setting the alarm and ticking off jobs around the house. I am going to sit down soon and organise my meals for the first month or two of school. I find that once the new year starts it can be all-consuming so taking a little time to organise life at home takes some pressure off. I usually pencil in what we are having for dinner and make sure I get everything organised the night before. I set out my clothes for work, if I am going to the gym or karate I get out what I need and leave it near the back door. Often in the first term I make my lunch the night before which isn't always ideal but it saves the mad rush in the mornings! Once things settle down a bit I am able to be a little less structured at home. 

I have been without my car for a few days now and it has been an interesting experience. I live so close to the supermarket, my work and the gym and I don't walk to these places! I have had no choice recently and I have really enjoyed it. Perhaps because I am still on holidays but it was a much more relaxing experience walking to the supermarket and home again instead of driving around looking for a parking space and getting frustrated! I walked to and from the gym this morning for an early morning class and it was lovely to be out at that time. I suppose my mindset has changed a little and it doesn't take much longer to walk than drive. I aim to continue walking more regularly where I can. 



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