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The first few days...

January 28, 2017

I have been seeing a lot of posts on social media of teachers having completed their first few days of teaching for the year. I used to spend so much time doing "get to know you" activities that the students just didn't like. I like the idea of having students write the teacher a letter, there is so much information you can get from the letter. Not just their likes and dislikes but spelling, grammar and effort as well as a few personal bits of information that can be useful to know. 

I now just get straight on with my teaching. I have a clear idea of expectations but I don't take up too much time on this in the first few days. To begin with I ask two things of my students. They need to have a go at everything I ask them to do & I expect that they are honest even when it is hard for them to be. I usually just jump straight into the work that is required although in the first couple of weeks we might do a little less than usual if routines and procedures are new for students. 

What are your tips for the first few lessons of the year?

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