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Behaviour Management

March 5, 2017


One of the challenges in LOTE teaching can be behaviour management, depending on the students you have. I remember back in 2005 trying to justify my position to students in Yr 5 & 6 who didn't see the point in doing LOTE. I reeled off the usual "it is good for your brain", "you might travel to that country one day", "job opportunities".... They just didn't care! At the time I was getting frustrated with their attitude and it took time away from the actual teaching. Behaviour management became tricky as I was trying to hard and having long discussions with students to explain why languages are good to learn, while the rest of the class missed out on learning opportunities. 

I still face this challenge at times but I don't let it get to me. I just get on with the job I have to do and I have said to students that I am happy to chat with them another time. Not one of them has come to see me outside of the LOTE lesson! It might be useful to have some posters or information for parents as sometimes the students attitude can come from what has been said at home. 

My behaviour management strategies have changed over time and this usually comes from experience. Unless it is a dangerous act, I usually just keep on teaching and don't give any attention to the behaviour. This is one reason I have created so many games as students generally enjoy it and have a bit of fun while learning. There will always be some students who do not see the value in LOTE no matter what you say to them. I have found that if I just get on with teaching they might reluctantly participate but you won't be wasting your time trying to justify your position. If there is a dangerous act by a student, I immediately ask another staff member to take that student out of the classroom. Then I make sure I follow up with this child and have a discussion about what happened, even if it is a week later. 

Of course, all schools are different and there is no 'one rule fits all' in regards to student behaviour. 

What are your tips and strategies?


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