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Macro skills + Culture

March 16, 2017


It is essential in language learning to include the 4 macro skills of communication. I always ensure that each LOTE lesson covers all of these skills. They are fairly easy to include but sometimes one or two aspects can be forgotten. 

Speaking is generally covered when introducing new vocabulary and having the students repeat these words. Speaking can also be included with general classroom expressions such as: yes, no, please, thank you, may I please go to the toilet, I don't understand, etc. 

Listening is always included when students are listening to the teacher modelling vocabulary, and as the students communicate with each other. 

Reading is included in games and activities where students are required to match a word to the correct vocabulary. Older students might have some short stories or role plays to read. 

Writing can be covered by getting younger students to draw pictures and label these in the LOTE. Older students might write a few sentences or a paragraph on a topic. They might also be able to write their own script for a role play on a particular topic. Modelling writing is an important part of teaching LOTE as many students feel unsure of sentence structure and grammar. I have built students confidence in the past by getting them to write simple sentences in the LOTE and swapping words that fit correctly. 

eg: I can see one green frog and two black ducks. 

I can see three brown cows and nine white rabbits. 

I can see four pink cats and one blue dog. 


Culture is not a macro skill, however I do try to include this in each lesson. It could be as simple as telling the students a fun or quirky fact about the topic you are covering. Celebrating holidays for your target country can be a fun way to include culture. Culture brings a purpose to the LOTE classroom and is easily covered but sometimes overlooked. 


Covering these 5 aspects of LOTE is easy to do but I feel that it is important to be mindful that they are being covered most of the time throughout the LOTE learning process. 


I hope these tips help, feel free to add your own in the comments!

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