Life's interruptions & injuries

April 26, 2017


It has been a crazy couple of months! I always plan out my life - not to be too regimented but I like to write down all of the interruptions and things that are coming up in a diary. Social events, work commitments, exercise & anything else that comes along. I keep a small diary in my handbag at all times - and yes I have tried using my phone but I need to do the old-fashioned 'write it down' otherwise I can forget things! Writing things down seems to lock it in to my memory. The past ten weeks I have had a busy weekend almost every single weekend. I knew I was going to get a little tired so I made sure I was extra organised with work and home life. I did end up tired and I pulled out of a few social events recently. We have just had school holidays which has helped and I now feel like I have had a break and I am ready to tackle Term 2. I was hoping for a quieter Term socially, but there are a few things starting to creep in, and I just have to manage my life and look after #1! 

We had a couple of deaths to deal with in the extended families. This didn't have a direct impact on me as such, but it had an impact on some loved ones around me. I had to step up and be the support person for others. This is where priorities really become apparent. While I didn't need to take time off work I did miss a few meetings but thankfully my workplace were very supportive. 

I also had some issues with my ankle. I ended up with tendonopathy and started having Physiotherapy in early February. I am still having Physio fortnightly & my ankle has not healed yet. I had to completely stop exercise for a while. I am starting to get back into it again which has been a huge relief. It was interesting to see how things changed while I wasn't exercising as much. I gained some time back, but I didn't use it well! I found myself procrastinating a lot more, instead of being 'time-aware'. I went back to Karate this week and it was fantastic to be back. I have had almost 3 months off but I was surprised that I remembered a lot of what I learned earlier this year. Hopefully I can get my brown belt later this year!




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