Fluctuating Hours

May 15, 2017


One thing I have learned to like about teaching are the fluctuating hours! We have had a very busy two weeks at work with a lot of admin jobs that senior staff asked teachers to complete. On top of the usual planning it made the job very busy and was a bit stressful. I always remind myself at these times that it isn't forever! I did what I usually do and wrote a to-do list. I then numbered the jobs in order of the most important to the least. 

But - my #1 job on the list was the biggest by far so I kept on missing this one!! I would start with job #2 and continue down the list, avoiding the most important thing I needed to do. Luckily I found out that the most important job isn't actually due for a while so now a little pressure is off. 

I remind myself at these times that there are days and weeks that are much easier, especially at the end of the year or the last week in each term where we can take a breath and enjoy teaching. When it gets busy, it isn't forever. I adjust home life accordingly when I am doing more hours at work, and when things slow down I readjust at home once again. 



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