July 26, 2017

I was talking to a friend recently and she asked me how flexible I am. I answered 'not very' thinking she meant physically. She laughed and asked again "In your life, how flexible are you?" I then realised that I am not flexible at all and I started protesting and saying that I need to be structured and organised in my life in order to get things done. 

It was quite funny how, just a few days after this, the gym that I had been going to for 4 years changed their timetable. This meant I was paying membership for only one class per week and I couldn't see the sense in that. I had been going to this gym for a long time, mainly because it was close to my home, even though I wasn't totally happy going there. I couldn't justify paying membership for only one class per week, so essentially I was forced to change!


Of course, I did what I normally do and got copies of class times from other gyms nearby and figured out which one had the classes I would enjoy. I then sat down and worked out what time I would have to leave home, how long it would take me to drive there, and what time I would arrive back home in the evening. Yep, I had it all written out lol!

I signed up to a new location, about a 30 minute drive from my home and it has been nothing but positive. I have felt very welcome and have been able to ask questions without feeling patronised!


I am trying to be a little more flexible in my life now as I have recently found that changing things can be a positive! I think I am like this due to teaching being so regimented and so structured and micro managed. I used to work many hours of unpaid overtime and as a result my health suffered. I feel as though I have to be regimented so that I actually get to the gym and exercise. And yes, I have tried 'doing it myself', without success. I like gym classes where they close the door and I am locked in for the next hour! 




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