Dice Bowls, Dice Mats, Containers and Managing Resources

August 2, 2017

The dice bowl. It changed my life. 

No, not quite but it did change my lessons and helped me having to purchase so many more dice and counters after having them go missing every single lesson. 

It is a simple concept but I only learned of it a few years ago. Apologies to those of you who are already doing this!

You need to purchase some small, plastic bowls and little plastic containers with lids.


The Dice Container

I keep 2 dice and around 6-8 counters in each little container. When you are packing up from your lesson, students know what to look for, and it becomes part of the 'packing up routine' to put these items in the one container. 


Dice Bowls

If you use this system, dice are only allowed to be rolled into a small plastic bowl. Similar to the bowls you might use at a picnic that most people throw away. If the dice rolls out of the bowl then that student misses a turn. It helps to prevent the dice from flying across the room and getting lost under furniture. 


Dice Mats

Another system I have used is the dice mat. I prefer to use the dice bowls but it all depends on your students. Simply print out a Dice Mat template (free on our website) and laminate. You could even just use some coloured card and laminate these instead. This is where dice can be rolled. Again, if dice roll of the mat, the student misses a turn. Dice Mats are easily stored as they stack flat and can be kept in a plastic pocket or envelope. I usually make around 30 at the beginning of the year and then it is a job you only have to do once!


Managing Resources

Finally, I have a large plastic container with a lid (yes alot of plastic, I know!) that I store all of these things in. It keeps everything together and is very simple to pack up at the end of each lesson. Your resources are then looked after and you won't need to keep purchasing dice and counters. 


Let me know if you use any of these ideas in your own LOTE classrooms!




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Dice Bowls, Dice Mats, Containers and Managing Resources

August 2, 2017

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