About Us

About Us

Providing Language Resources to teachers all over Australia and around the Globe!

How it all began…

I have been teaching since 2004 with a range of experiences including teaching Languages, being a Literacy Support Teacher, running Writers Workshop programs for students of different ages, as well as classroom teaching across all grades from Kindergarten to Grade 10. When I was teaching in a classroom, I could quite easily find resources that were suitable for the subject and grade level, however, as a Language Teacher I was frustrated with all of the time that I would spend online, looking to find lessons, activities, games and tasks for students.

 I decided to create my own resources, using my teaching experience and knowledge of how students learn and how to keep lessons interesting and motivating. Immediately I had successful lessons and my students were excited about Language learning. 

My goal is to provide teachers with good quality tasks that students will enjoy, creating a passion and interest in other languages and cultures. All of the Language Teacher Resources products have been tried and tested across different grades and many different schools. I have carefully selected the games and activities that have proved to be engaging and motivating for all students.

Language Teacher Resources provides teachers with fun, motivating tasks that are quick to prepare and easy to use.